Saturday, March 10, 2012

Link a Day

It has been a long week of sick kids and ER visits!  I am not going to lie that I was ready for this one to end.  Onward and upward!  On a lighter note- we got a new bed.  On a sour note the box spring doesn't fit down our stairs.  BAH!  Now we have to have custom ones made.  I am trying not to think about it since I can't change it.  Any ways... here is a few links!

This fold over clutch tutorial would make a great Sunday afternoon project.

This is such a cool idea for artwork for a kids room!  I love that she came up with something that they can help create for their space.  

The dry indoor air has been bad for my skin this winter.  My face is drying out so much that it is scaly.  Not good!  I am in serious need of this exfoliator and I think that I will finish with this mask!

I love this article over at Hello Giggles.  It works great for any stage of life.  Find your passion!

This idea is fabulous!  I think that the kids and I need to do this ASAP.  It is a neat way to make your community immediately better.

Doesn't it seem like spring is already in the air?  I can't help but hope that we have more winter.  I know I know- everyone thinks I am crazy but I adore winter!  I do however love spring nights.  We need figure out some lighting so that we can hang out in the back yard at night.  I am thinking something like this.  Isn't it lovely?

And to round out this weeks list?  This recipe for lemon coconut cheesecake bites.  Holy yummy!  Oh and these are no bake.  Say what?!


  1. The lemon cheesecake bars sound delicious.. just bought myself some Meyer Lemons.. thinking I might give this a shot!

    1. Don't they look good? And she says the are a healthier version.