Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Songs

Another Bob Marley song!  Bob Marley has a special place in my heart because any of his music instantly calms the Lola down.  It has calmed her down since infancy!  She loves his music just as much as I do.  We thought it was a fluke the first time we tried it when she was a baby.  She was only like 2 weeks old and it seemed to cast a sweet spell over her.  She literally calmed right down.  We have been using his music to chill her out ever since.  And it works like a charm every single time.  This song is the one they request almost every night before bed.  Love it!!  


  1. It's definitely one of my favorite songs. It's so catchy.

    1. It really is! PLus with it being like 3 lines I have managed to memorize it! HA!