Saturday, March 31, 2012

Link A Day

Yay for the weekend!  It has been a productive week for my new years resolution of cozying up our rooms.  Lots of little projects done and now they need to be hung and what not.  It feels good to work on things.  However it wasn't a good month for my March goals.  Blah!  I start over in April.  New month new chance.  I like that.  Links anyone?  

It is supposed to rain and snow in good ol' Utah tomorrow.  This soup just might be a perfect way to warm up!

I really love this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess on how to fake TTV photos.  I wouldn't have ever thought about doing that.  Genius!

These minty geo earrings make me smile and they would match the minty nail polish I am wearing right now.  Every one knows you are supposed to match your nail polish an earrings, right?  No?

Okay so this post is freaking awesome and very informative for the Target junkies out there.  You know who you are and I think we should be best friends!

I want this bangle for Mother's Day.  Yeah I think ahead friends!  I love making wish lists.

Apparently the key to being happy is making your bed so I am pretty much screwed.

I really really really want this letter H for our house.  H is for HAWT of course!

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