Thursday, March 29, 2012

my boy baby is growing up

These are my first flowers from the boy baby!  *Tear*  He handed me one flower to start and then proceeded to hand a whole handful to the girl baby.  It was so sweet that he gave a whole bouquet to his baby sister but I couldn't help but want to knock her over and steal her flowers and run.  I resisted and was rewarded with two more flowers for me.  And just me!  My Nicco is so sweet!  He is an actual little person now.  I can hardly even call him boy baby anymore.  But I won't ever stop!  Even if he begs me.  He is funny, charming, kind and eager to please!  I am in mad love!


  1. I 100% feel you! The flowers are so so so sweet. My boy hasn't given me flowers yet: but I can hardly call him my "baby" anymore, still. Boo hoo...

    1. It is like you turn around and they are grown! It makes me sad and so proud at the same time. It also amazes me that they have survived all my stupid mom moments! HAha!