Sunday, March 18, 2012

Link A Day

This is a day late.  We take St Patricks Day pretty serious around here!  So celebrating was all I thought about.  It was wonderful!  It was a super great way to end another less than stellar week.  Sickies all week!  But we are all on the mend and we partied it up yesterday.  SO Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

This is a great post that has 7 different ways to wear a chambray shirt.  I am wanting to find one at a thrift store and haven't yet.  

This little planter for your bike is super rad.  I want one for my bike this spring and summer.

Speaking of raaaaaad!  This glow in the dark raw crystal necklace is so cool!  Plus it has a skull pendant.  Um what?!

Free fox doll pattern!  So awesome.  I need to make a boy and a girl version for the kids.  I love foxes so maybe I will be making it for myself instead!

This is a very sweet idea for keeping memories through out the year.  You could make one year after year and watch the line of them grow.

I love the idea of a prize ball!  I think that the kids need some in their easter basket for sure. 

The little terrarium jars are all over the blogosphere right now and I like them.  I really love this take on them however!   

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