Sunday, May 20, 2012

Link A Day

Do you sometimes have moments were you sit back and think back over the last year and think something has got to give!!  I have had a few moments like that over the last week.  It has been a rough year already.  I gave myself sometime to feel bad, sad and then mad but it is time to take my year back!  2012 is going to be my year whether it likes it or not!  SO now to focus on some great links that will make me happy!

There was a little girl in our neighborhood that would strip for the ice cream man.  Literally.  It used to send him over the edge- he would be yelling at her to stop and she wouldn't.  Eventually he would speed by where he knew she would be.  Poor guy.  His truck wasn't nearly as cool as these!

This print from Urban Outfitters makes me think of Nick. When I think of Nick I smile!

Kind of weird and completely awesome Chocolate Salami from Take A Mega Bite.  Have you guys seen this blog?  You should because it is pretty great.

My family is chock full of heart patients.  Yeah not something to brag about.  But this little tiny glass heart in a jar is so so rad!  Our hearts are delicate and amazing just like the little glass one.  Too cheesy?  I am not apologizing for the dorkiness that is me :).

I can not help but smile when I read this article about men skateboarding through a mid life crisis.  Nick used to skate everyday as a younger guy and now wants to start back up.  He is only 29- that is too early for a mid life crisis right?

I really loved this article about staying married.  I like all 15 pieces of advice that the writer gives.

I love this DIY painted t-shirt.  The possibiltiies are endless!


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