Monday, May 7, 2012

Hot hot dog relish

I love hot dogs.  I know that most people don't like them but I really really do!  As a matter of fact we probably eat them once a week.   So today I am sharing with you my favorite topping for hot dogs!  This is super secret stuff peeps!  

Hot hot dog relish

1-2 medium onion chopped
5 Roma tomates chopped
1/4c to 1/2c pickled jalapenos

Saute the onions until they become translucent.  Add chopped tomatoes and cook until warm and softened.  Last but not least add jalapenos and cook until hot.  Spoon over hot dogs and enjoy!

Difficult stuff right?  It is so simple and so good! We like it hot so we usually add at least 1/2 cup jalapenos.  Oh and I have also thrown in some garlic and that is a great addition.  All of the measurements are to taste.  But I do always use the 5 tomatoes.  It makes enough for probably a whole 8 pack of hotdogs.  It all depends on how messy you like your hotdogs.       

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