Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lola had a birthday shout hooray!

Okay so this post is wicked late.  My baby girl Lola turned three a couple of weeks ago and I can't just let it go by without saying anything.  She is so so awesome!  She is a spitfire already.  You know that song whatever Lola wants Lola gets?  Yeah that is pretty accurate.  She is kind and funny.  She is already dealing with something that no one should have to deal with and she handles it beautifully.  As a matter of fact I think that she has the personality she does so that she can handle it.  She loves her big brother so much and it makes me so happy!  She is a free spirit- hence the picture from fall because that is the most recent picture of her with clothes on.  Girl hates being restricted!  She is a perfect fit for my little family and we love her so much!  So happy super belated birthday little one!    


  1. What a beauty!! She sounds like she has a lot of determination.. a great thing to have. You sound pretty proud of her... and why not.. she is your daughter!! Your both very lucky!!

  2. Thanks Tracey! She is a very wonderful addition to our family.