Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Decor Link A Day

Super special Link A Day!  All on Christmas stuff.  Ornaments, wreaths and what have you.

These ice skate ornaments look easy to make and so fun! 

How ingenius and lovely are these cards?  Super easy way to get the kids involved!

I have started to love pom-poms as I have gotten older.  As a kid I was less than impressed!  So as an adult I think that this wreath is a delight! 

Another wreath!  It looks so easy and so fun!

Holiday nails!! Too be perfectly honest they look a bit advanced for me but nonetheless I can appreciate them and wish for a steadier hand.  Maybe I will ask santa! 

I want sequins all up in my ornaments this year!!  And now I know how to get it done.

This hairstyle is swoon worthy and I think lives up to its title as "perfect holiday hair"

My tree will be brimming this year with all the wonderful ornament tutorials that are out in the inter-web (or galactic network as I like to call it!).  This one is right up my alley!

Rice Krispie peppermint roll up?  Umm yeah!  Ask me how my weight loss is going!  NO go ahead and ask.........

I don't even live on the beach and I adore these seashell ornaments!

How great would it be to add one of these music box ornaments to your tree every year?

This is the perfect little gift!  Popcorn is my family's favorite snack.  I might have to put one together for a family gift to Nicholas and the kiddos!

These little reindeer would be great to make with kids and here is a penguin one too!

I am going to end on lucky 13! 

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