Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Link A Day

OH HAAAIII!!  I have been a bit M.I.A the last few days.  Soo sorry!  Here is my link list that I should have posted last week.

I totally want to do this!  I just may have to find some shoes just so I can!

How delightful is this Etsy shop and this card in particular!

Need stocking stuffer ideas?  Yeah this is a list of one hundred!  100!!

I haven't ever done any embroidery work but I am getting inpsired!  Now to decide between this and this pattern.  Maybe both for that price!?

An easy and totally rad tutorial for custom push pins.  Not too mention super useful!

I want this in my stocking!  My family loves acorns thanks to Totoro! 

I am going to end with two recipes.  One healthier and delicious and one not so healthy but also super delicious! 

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  1. i thought i commented yesterday, but i guess i didn't! um...yes to those cupcakes! and as for the thermos embroideries...i love them both!