Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here comes Santa Claus!

We went and saw the big man on Saturday.  And by big man I mean Santa Claus.  Can I get a what what?!  I have always thought that sitting in a huge Ace line waiting to see Santa with two tiny children sounded awful and so I never have.  But this year they had Santa at Nick's union party.  So I figured what the hey?  Best part was that we got there late so there was no line!  Bonus!!  They both handled it beautifully.  No tantrums on Santa's lap for us. I wonder if missing out on pictures of the wee babes crying on Santa's lap was a mistake though.  That is a classic Christmas image!  

  I had to include this first picture of Lola because it is so cute!  She freaking ran up to Santa and said "Santa!  I love you!!".  There was none of that stranger danger crap at all.  She was beyond thrilled to see him.

After the huge hug she became awfully timid.  She told Santa that she wanted a Barbie and when he asked her if she wanted anything to go with it she told him she wanted Christmas.  Get it guy?!  She wants a Barbie and Christmas to be here already!!

Nicco was way more shy than Lola.  He told him his name- that he wanted a plane- took the bag of treats and hopped down without looking back.  The best part with Nicco was the clowns.  I wish I had gotten a picture.  He was scared shiz-less of them!  I had to drag him over to the clown and then hold him while the guy made him his penguin balloon animal.  And the face painting?  Forget about it!  He absolutely refused to do that.  We learned something new about Nicco that day.  To be totally honest I get the clown thing.  Clowns are creepy.  The whole painted on smile with a real grimace underneath thing is a tad on the creeper side.  Anyone else afraid of clowns?  How about awesome screaming pictures with Santa? 

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