Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's OK

I am trying a new link up today!  YAY!  It is the it's ok with Neely and Amber.   

SO on to the things I am totally OK with this week

It's OK

that I have eaten every holiday treat in sight

that I have continued to buy every said holiday treat in sight

when Lola ends up in only a diaper all day long.  She is only three for another 358 days after all.  Not too mention that the girl would have to have the clothes duct taped to her to keep them on. 

that Lola is still not potty trained.  She has no desire and I am not up for the fight.  Maybe after the new year?

to cry when I think about Lola being 3 and Nicco being 4.  They are getting so big and I feel like maybe that is a little messed up.

that I was crazy excited when Nick decided not to work a double last night.  I should have been more prudent and told him to not come home on my account but I was all HALLELUJAH instead!!

that my poor children wandered around the house for probably a good hour yesterday before my sorry ass got out of bed.  Sometimes it is really nice to be living with the grand parents!

to wake up thinking about Hector's Mexican Food and go to bed thinking about Hector's Mexican Food.  Oh shredded beef taco how you haunt my dreams!

to be so excited about what the kids got Nick for Christmas that I have had to change the subject to something more interesting repeatedly to save myself from telling him what they are.  I am not a secret keeper.

to cry along side my kids because the stress of Christmas is getting to them!  They are so so ready for Christmas day.


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