Saturday, July 7, 2012

Link A Day

It has been a super loverly week this week!  We celebrated the fourth of July as usual.  We went to a neighborhood pancake breakfast and parade down at our church.  We decorated the kids scooters the night before so they could ride in the parade behind a fire truck.  Nicco rode the whole way with Nick skateboarding behind him.  I am so proud of him!  That is by far the farthest he has ridden his scooter.  Lola decided she had enough of falling on her scooter and hopped into the firetruck to ride.  Right after the parade the kids had a water fight with the fire hoses.  They loved it!  Even Lola got wet!  That is awesome.  Girl loves her swimming suit but is not a fan of actually getting wet.  That night we went to the Sugarhouse Park fireworks extravaganza.  We went down with one of my sisters.  And my brother and sister in law and their family.  The kids had fun.  We had tons of treats and glowsticks.  The kids loved the fireworks!  They both repeatedly yelled how beautiful they were.  Lola also kept yelling holy crap!  Over and over.  At least it wasn't holy sh*t!  I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday!  Shall we get our link on?

These sound lovely.  Pumpkin is more of a fall thing to me but I am craving it! 

This fortune cookie necklace is super rad!  You can customize your fortune even.

One of my favorite New Years resolutions was to customize the kids and my space.  I have been working a little bit on it every month.  And I now have my next project!  This white deer mount looks amazing!  I might have to go a little gaudy and tacky and make mine gold though. 

This hike has made it on my bucket list.  I am no where near experienced enough right now but I want to get to a point where I can sooner than later!

This space.  OH this space!  I love gardens and this one is fantastic! I have been dreaming about it.  It is lovely and I feel like it extends their living space outdoors.  Which is a fantastic thing!

This is a crazy amazing idea!  This blogger spent her birthday doing acts of kindness.  UM awesome!!  She has some amazing ideas for service that I hadn't ever thought about.  Check it out!

We have birds attacking my mothers strawberry plants and my tomato plants in the backyard.  It has got  me hating birds all the more!  I have read that if you have stuff that moves- the movement scares them and they back off.  I am going to make a million billion of these mobiles and hang them everywhere!

Lets all go and kick this weekend in the pants!

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