Saturday, July 14, 2012

Link A Day

Another week in paradise.  We have been avoiding the hot weather as much as possible.  Which of course means we are suffering big time cabin fever!  Even I am getting sick of being inside and I hate the hot hot heat.  And I am uninspired to do anything.  I need to break out of my funk!  How about some linky's?  Yeah....

Monster socks?!  I want them in woman's sizes!

10 things not to do when taking pictures.  I need to print this up and put in our camera bag.  

If you need a laugh check out this video!  Emma Stone dance dare.  OH my gosh it is hilarious!

Do you have a stash of vintage sheets?  Yeah I do.  Here is 10 awesome DIY to use up some of them.

This list of 25 indoor activities was written for the winter months but it is perfect for the sweltering heat that is happening right now! 

Ham featherbeads!  This is a lovely idea for breakfast or dinner or anywhere in between.

This is sweet and lovely!  I love retro looking bows and DIY. 

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  1. Some great ideas from blogland.. I love a Beautiful Mess... She always has such great ideas. Thanks for sharing these great blogs,,, I'll keep some in my favorites!!