Wednesday, July 11, 2012

XBOX... a Haiku

I have a little bit of a confession.  I am nuts.  I swear that the XBOX kinect sensors spy on us.  Is that totally weird?  Maybe a little paranoid?  Yeah well all I can say is that when I walk in to my bedroom wrapped up in a towel and that bad boy scans me from top to bottom and back again I feel nervous.  Like grab my clothes and run back to the bathroom to get dressed in there nervous.  Really just having that naked moving picture box of myself in the corner is enough for me to be scarred for life, run for cover and need a baby ruth.  I know that everyone thinks I am crazy!  But you just watch one day they will have all kinds of pictures and video of us that we don't want them to have.  Who is the they I speak of?  Well.... I don't know really but someone.  Guess who they won't have videos of?  ME!  Our sensor is in the off position at all freaking times.  Feel bad for my poor husband.  


Xbox kinect spies 
I totally think so peeps
Maybe I'm crazy

I have obviously thought way too much about this.  I have also thought too much about a Baby Ruth.  SO sue me!

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