Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nifty thrifting

I love thrifting.  Like adore it!  I love everything about it.  Including seeing all the rad things that other people thrift.  The picture below is just a few things from our last thrifting adventure.

3 vintage pillow cases, a clear snap polaroid camera and 4 exposed shots, an awesome glass to add to my collection of drinking glasses, and an Olivia counting book.  

I love the books at thrift stores!  It is one of my favorite spots to check.  I was so excited when Nick found that polaroid camera.  Even though they don't make the film anymore and any you find is crazy expensive.  Like whoa!!  I am still tempted to buy some.  The pictures would be awesome.  *le sigh*  Anyways....  I am planning a little DIY for the exposed film.  That will be fun at least.  The total I paid for everyhting in the picture was $9.25 and goes as follows:

Polaroid camera & film- $2
vintage pillowcases- $6 for all three
Olivia book- .75 cents
drinking glass- .50 cents


  1. Great finds. I love the pillow cases! As far as the polaroid goes, have you heard of the Instamatic? I think its the same idea but the picture size is a little different. You should look into it, it might be something that can suit your need for what you are looking for for actual use =)

    1. that is a good idea about the instamatic! I will have to look into it for sure! Thanks!

  2. I bought a poloroid camera a few years ago. I haven't brought myself to spend the money on the film, but it's fun to have around. Those are some great finds--I'm a big fan of thrift store books, too.

  3. I love that print on the pillowcases - i have the same ones, also thrifted! great finds. :D