Monday, February 27, 2012

Link A Day

This post is two days late.  I didn't get on the internet once this weekend.  It was great!  Well I did order my new camera this weekend so I was on the internet for about 3 seconds.  But I swear that is it!  OH new camera.... there are no words.  I am so ready to have a camera that isn't stuck at the widest angle and turns itself off when you try and tighten that bad boy back up.  YAY!!  My new camera is a little advanced for me but I am planning on taking a class to learn how really to use it.  I am thrilled!  Onward and upward....

This print would be perfect for my kids room.  I have been searching for the perfect stuff to cozy up the kids space.  I have found way too many things!!  Now to narrow it down.

I love this simple DIY.  It is pretty crazy how doing something so simple packs a sweet punch! 

You have to check out these embroidered X-RAYS.  They are so amazing!

Public makes beautiful bikes.  And I hope to own one someday!  Maybe this one

I have been thinking that I need to start juicing and blending.  And I think that this smoothie would be a great one to start with.  It is beautiful! 

I need to constantly work on staying inspired.  Especially during the winter months.  All I want to do is wrap ip in a blanket and drink hot cocoa and eat rice krispie treats.  This post was something I really needed to read a bit ago.  I need all the help I can get!

This pink chalkboard door has been all over the internet the last few weeks so it might be old news to most of you but I L.O.V.E love it!!  I want to make Lola a pink chalkboard so bad!


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