Saturday, February 18, 2012

Link A Day

It has been a pretty great week.  It was Nicholas' birthday on Valentines Day.  We went to sushi the Saturday before at Sushi Groove here in SLC and it was pretty yummy.  Anyone else out there with Valentines Day as their birthday?  Going out to eat on your actual b-day is no fun.  Long waits abound!  My gift for him was a new tattoo which he got yesterday.  It is awesome!  I will post it sometime after it heals up a bit.  Fun week to say the least! 

I totally love this studded collar from Alison at She Blogs She Blogs.  Oh yes I do!

This post from Mandi at Here's Looking At Me Kid is something that I definitely needed to read.  You should too!  It is a great way to look at self confidence.

Broccoli was my favorite vegetable as a kid- no lie!  Still is actually.  So this soup would appeal to my kid self and my adult self.  Plus it looks so pretty.

Now that Lola only wears dresses these would be a perfect topper!  So girly and cute! 

I love the idea of home-made frozen pizza.  This one from America's Test Kitchen looks great!  This might be a great little Sunday afternoon project.

Have you ever read the blog Style is Style?  I love Lydia's style!  This outfit is perfect from head to toe!  I am putting a peplum top on my list of things to find thrifting.

This rug DIY is awesome!  It is something I think I could actually get done.  Plus you can customize it with whatever colors you want.  Really love it!

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