Saturday, February 11, 2012

Link A Day

Do you ever have days where all you see and bookmark and pin are food related?  Cause that has been my life the last week or so.  I might be obsessed because I am contemplating doing the DASH diet for the next two weeks.  It is supposed to lower your blood pressure by 15 points in that time.  I currently don't have high blood pressure but I also don't want it.  Plus my sister is doing it too and we need the solidarity!  So I figure that this link a day will be a food extravaganza.  Enjoy!

This sandwich sounds fantastic.  Turkey, bacon and apples?  Oh and cheese?  Yes please! 

I love soup!  Make it a potato soup and it is even better.  And this one looks great.  

I keep meaning to make some homemade apple chips and I just might get it done this weekend.  I love the pictures in this post and they look crazy easy to make.

Smitten Kitchen never ever disappoint and this recipe for carnitas looks like one that will make it into our rotation.

Oh baby this white hot chocolate looks so good!  Wish the weather was cooler.  Maybe it can be made iced?  Oh the possibilities!

I have loved potato rolls my whole life!  I would love to try my hand at making them.  Enter this recipe.  Plus Take A Megabite has become one of my new favorite food blogs.  

And what food link a day would be complete without a cake?  None I say!  Check out this strawberry milk cake.  Can I get a what what?  It is pretty and I can only imagine crazy tasty!


  1. great links..thanks for sharing!
    and i LOVE smitten kitchen. her recipes never fail!

    1. her recipes always deliver! Thank you for stopping by- I am glad you liked the links