Friday, February 17, 2012

Fill In The Blank Friday

1.  The love of my life is     Nicholas!  Sweetest man a live .

2.   Falling in love is   amazing!  Staying in love is the good part though.  Marriage is work.  But sometimes it is effortless.  You create relationships from shared experiences.  So we try and have a lot!  Nicholas is always willing to go on adventures with me and that is the fun stuff that gets you through the rough stuff.  .

3.  Marriage is    the coolest thing around!  I have never been more happy and more at home in my own skin than I have been being married .

4. The longest relationship I've ever had was    6 years of happy married bliss .

5. The key to a good relationship is   being aware of your partner and from time to time and put their needs and wants before your own.  You don't have to be a self sacrificing martyr by any means but it goes a long way when you leave the last piece of cake for your spouse.  Oh and lighten the freak up!  Have some fun without worrying about bills and housework and all the stuff that needs to get done  .

6. I feel loved when    I get to take a shower and Nicholas puts the kids to bed.  Sweet man!  It was showering bliss .

7.  My favorite quote about love is    All you need is love!  .

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