Friday, April 26, 2013

WW weekly update

Lost/gained: +1.4
Total lost: 6.8

I was going to do this post earlier this week but my freaking computer won't download my pictures off the card because it says it can't recognize the file(?).  I don't get it so instead you get a generic picture of me.  Lame!  But real life, right?

I gained 1.4 pounds.  Oy.  I am actually okay about it now.  To say I was slightly upset a few days ago would be a humongous understatement.  Which is funny because I actually knew going into the weigh in that I probably gained.  That is what happens when you don't follow the program.  HA!  Funny thing how if you do the work, barring any health issues, you will lose weight.  It is the whole being disciplined thing that got me.  I am a rebel at heart.  Which sounds pathetic when I look at it from this point of view.  I am rebelling against my own health.  That isn't bringing down "the man".  It is just getting in the way of my goals and life.  I am not sure how to get over that little rebellion.  Tell me how!!!  Help! 

 I will say that I don't want to go in there and gain again.  Not at all.  I feel like I really let myself down.  I have the discipline to change.  I am just afraid of failing this time like I have so many other times.  It hurts to let yourself down.  It hurts to know that you are the only one to blame.  So why not fail early so it won't hurt so bad?  Does that sound ridiculous to anyone else?  I deserve better than this body I have created.  This is not who I am.  I am strong.  I am healthy!  This body is my past and I am going to start running like hell at the future!

This week is going to be all about tracking.  Tracking is basically writing down everything you eat and the points that correlate with those foods.  Weeks that I track I rock!  And I am ready to rock.  I am making a realistic goal of tracking everything for 5 days this week.  With at least one of those days to be a weekend day.  Weekends are my biggest challenge. 

What are your goals this week? 


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  1. Go AM GO!!! You can do it. I'm no longer a member but will try your tracking tip too to see how things go for me! Weekends are hard especially with plans for a visit to a Mexican Restaurant this evening! Yikes!