Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Links

We are having such a nice weekend.  It has been great- well except Nick's second bout of pink eye in two weeks.  That is no fun and it looks like it is viral so it is a wait it out and see type thing.  Yuck!  Poor guy.  We celebrated National Record Store day yesterday and picked up three new records for our collection.  Now to find a record player we love and save for it.  It rained a lot yesterday and the SLC marathon was going on.  Between those two things we stayed home most of the day.  We ordered chinese take out, played with our marble run, watched shows and fixed my sisters car.  Well Nick fixed the car actually and I just kept him company.  Ha!  It has been great.  And with Nick's pink eye it looks like we are staying home from church and having a quiet Sunday.  I can't complain!  After the events of the last week in Boston and Texas I am hugging the kids and Nick tighter.  I am enjoying the sweet everyday moments we have together.  It is sad that it takes amazing tragedy for me to really look at my life and be glad for the things I have.  We don't have a lot of money, our own home or the nicest cars but we have a sweet family and great friends.  We have each other.  And in the long run that is all that matters.  I am going to try and remember these feelings of gratitude long after these events become a part of our Nation's past.

Shall we get past the heavy stuff and get into some fun?!  Links!    

Do you remember the Can't Touch This Hallmark commercial?  Well feast your eyes on its glory!

You know how cats are like the hip thing right now?  Well I am not a fan but check out these DIY cat toe shoes!   They are making me a believer. 

I have no immediate use for this fabric but I want it!  OH and this oil cloth too.  I am trying to not buy things I don't need.  Which is hard!  I feel like some things just belong in my life.

Cute messy bun tutorial.  This is my hair style everyday bit it isn't nearly this cute!

Since starting WW I have eaten a ton of eggs.  They are low in points and high in filling protein. Win win!  Which is why I want to make this egg sandwich.  Nothing ground breaking but it looks beyond delicious. 

I am stalking a lot of home decor websites lately.  And I want these fabric wraps!  Ugh they are so lovely!  I can just imagine wrapping a loaf of bread in one and giving it as a gift for a new neighbor.

Dirty brown rice with shrimp?  I say yes, please!

This post is for anyone who is trying to get a business off the ground.  Truly inspirational!

 I love this idea from A Beautiful Mess about making 4 seasonal goals.  A little more realistic than the 28 before 29 type posts.  Now to figure out my spring goals!

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