Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Links

picture taken by my husband

This week and weekend has been great.  We spent a lot of time with family and friends. I went to the most amazing little bakery in downtown SLC.  It is called Eva's Bakery and everyone in and out of the area should check it out.  It is a french inspired bakery and the food was phenomenal!  It was also Bunco night this week.  FUN!  I really enjoy the group of ladies we have.  Lola and I got a chance to go spend some time with my sister and her daughter this week.  That is something that needs to happen a lot more!  The whole family were able to spend some time with some of our favorite friends yesterday evening.  Good food and good company.  It was great!  

Spring is a fickle time in Utah.  It is warm one second then snowing and raining the next.  Which is rough!  We start getting excited for warm spring days and then we get slapped with craptastic weather.  I can't really complain because all too soon it will be over 100 degrees and I will be wishing for a cold day.  Back to the point!  The blossoms are starting to bloom on the trees.  This is my second favorite season.  I love the feeling of excitement that I feel in spring!  I feel very creative and happy right now.  Here's to the good times ahead!  

ON to the links!   

It is sweatshirt weather here in Utah and I love the look of this DIY sweatshirt revamp.  Easy and cute. Love it!  I pretty much love anything from Cotton & Curls

I have been searching for some graphic art for my room/home.  I love this art inspired by one of my favorite songs.

The story of a guy finding an original Picasso painting in a thrift store is an old one but it still blows my mind!  I would have fainted!

I am in need of some cute flats.  I love these in the mint!  and these in the dark tan.

We have one too many naked Barbies around.  Even when they are dressed they are a little immodest- to the point of being trampy.  Not anymore!  Barbie clothes that are super cute, simple and a great scrap busting project.

Anyone have 8 hundred bucks lying around that they want to use to but me a ring?  Cause it is pretty and I want it!

Check out these wedge shoes.  Oh yes!  Love them!  Platform and ties?  Best!

The kids are moving into a new room that has a great big window and I am thinking of using these curtains as inspiration for their room.  I love that they are hand painted. And the tutorial is easy to follow.

I love beverage dispensers.  They are great for parties.  But more importantly great for the hibiscus tea I make all summer long.  The design of this one from Crate and Barrel 2 is awesome.  So modern and unique.

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