Thursday, April 11, 2013

Movie Project- LBN!

I like quick craft projects.  Like ones you get done while watching a movie.  Or a few episodes of your favorite program.  I love the satisfaction I get from getting something all the way finished.  The longer a project is going to take me to finish the less likely I am going to get it done.  That is a sad but very true fact.  I have a few long term projects in mind.  They are ones I am excited about so they hopefully that will motivate me to get them done!  

Back to the point though!  I am going to start doing a movie project every week.  Just some little for fun kind of project that I do while watching a movie.  The biggest challenge I will have is that it needs to be useful.  I don't need tons of little knick knacks.  I am sure some will be useless though.  I love useless! This necklace is the first of many projects.

 All I did was take some 1" wooden beads and paint them black.  I then strung it on a necklace.  Easy peasy.  I made it to go with my Easter dress.  Which I never got to wear on Easter.  That is the problem with sick kids!  Le sigh.....  But now I have a cute necklace to wear with it.    

I used Martha Stewart high gloss acrylic paint in beetle black to paint them.  I love her paints!  They are really high quality.

I can't wait to wear it with my new dress.  I may even take some pictures of me wearing it and post them.

Made while watching: General Conference of the LDS church

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