Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WW weekly update

This weeks lost: .2 pounds
Total lost: 6.2
My weight loss goal for this week is 2 pounds.

Ha!  .2?  Awesome.  I am actually pretty thrilled that I lost at all considering it was Easter and spring break.  I was expecting to gain.  So YAY!  Plus the leader that weighed me was so excited for my loss!  She never made me feel like it was a pathetic loss- which is what I thought.  She was supportive and kind.  Which was a perfect reaction. 

Are picture updates every week too often?  I am afraid that I won't see a difference.  I start getting frustrated when I can't see a change.  Maybe I will do a monthly round up?  I am not sure.  I am still trying to figure this all out.

Anyone have advice for the weekend?  We tend to party all weekend long.  I need to reign the food part in.  Maybe plan more actual activities?  Or maybe we will experiment with recipes on the weekend?  I have to figure that part out still.

I am grateful that this time around I am taking it one meal at a time.  I have all the time in the world to figure out the Point Plus program.  So there is no rush.  I get that sneaking feeling popping up every once in a while that I need to rush the weight loss and be down to goal in 5.6 seconds.  That is just not going to happen.  Nor do I want it that way.  My weight and eating habits are mostly emotional.  I need the time to get my angst worked out.  If I lose too fast I will gain it back and then some.  That is not healthy physically or mentally.  One meal at a time.  That is my motto.  I will say that I am mostly very calm about the process this time.  I have gotten frustrated but it isn't to the point where I want to quit.  That is crazy!  I usually throw the towel in at the first sign of difficulty.  Not this time!

Any and all advice is welcome!  Anyone out there doing the WW Points Plus program?  Or any weight loss program?  I would love to hear success and frustrations!  Lets do this together!

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