Monday, January 7, 2013

out with the old and in with the new

Nicco went back to school today.  I think that might be my signal that the holidays are officially over.  Time to put away all the decorations and get back into a routine.  Sad face.  Now is the time for New Years resolutions!  Do you set resolutions?  I do but usually fail miserably.  Like 2012!  I think that I did one and almost a second on that list.  I have great intentions!  However, I think that I set myself up for failure.  I set these WAY lofty goals.  So this year I am only going to set a couple of goals.  Here they are:

1. Lose the sarcasm!  
Nick and I are setting this one together.  We are very happy in our marriage but I think that if we aren't moving forward then we are moving backwards.  So we are working on making our marriage that much more solid.  We are going to work on not being sarcastic with each other.  It is biting and hurts.  It has no place in our home.

2. Stop procrastinating!
I am the worlds best procrastinator.  All that procrastinating does is add more stress to my life.  Out with the stress and in with the calm.

3.  Work on finances!
This includes continuing working on savings and getting as much debt paid down as possible.  We are wanting to buy a house within the next five years and we need to get our credit repaired and our debt down.  I feel like an adult typing that out.

That is that!  I do have a mantra that I am chanting to myself all day long.  That is  "Find the Joy".  It gets me through some days where the joy is hard to find.  It has become purposeful.  And something I am resolved to do!  

  If you will notice I did not set a weight loss goal.  Weird for me but I have come to the conclusion that that is a life goal.  Not one that will be done within a year.  It feels good to finally come to that realization.     

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