Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 good things

It has been a rough week so far over here.  Between the crazy snow and the crazy kids it has been exhausting at some moments.  Enter Jess from IROCKSOWHAT.  She is doing a 3 good things linky.  All you have to do is post 3 good things that have happened.  I am pretty sure I can come up with three good things from today.  I appreciate the reminder.  I definitely needed some perspective!  


1. The snow has stopped finally.  No shoveling today.  W00t!  My back and wrists can get a chance to heal up.

2. The kids didn't wake up screaming.  Yeah that is totally normal in our house.  I think that I have figured out Lola finally.  About time since she is freaking 4.  That girl needs time after she wakes up to wake slowly and quietly.  She needs extra time to be calm.  Since trying that out our mornings have been so much smoother.  Good thing because she and I were on the verge of a breakdown!  She be cray!

3.  I finally got my knitting in the round to not be twisted.  4th times the charm.  And I am loving it!   


  1. omg! our kids are twins! wyatt needs special attention in the morning too. like, cuddle time for a good twenty minutes. god bless you since you have 2. i bow in your general direction.

    1. I bow to you!! I think having two is easier than one. They entertain each other a lot so I don't have to constantly be on. You are Wyatt's main playmate and companion. That takes a lot out of you!