Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend Links

Picture taken by Nick.  He is so talented!

We have been sick at our house this week.  Nicco missed the entire week of school!  No good.  But it has actually been pretty great having him home.  He is funny and freaking cute.  Lola has been a huge helper.  As per usual.  She is so so rad!  Even being sick she is always willing to help me.  Nick and I are working to get out of some debt and we set up some auto bill pays this week to get our finances under control.  It is a simple thing but I am so proud of us!  One step of many.  It is one of our new years resolutions and we are really working on it.  Any advice anyone can give us would be fantastic!  We aren't going about it totally blind but we are always open to other ideas.  

Lets move on shall we?

This pendulum lamp is totally cool.  I love the look of the twirled yarn.  Plus the tutorial looks simple.  My favorite type of tutorial!

Between the freezing temps and horrible inversion we have been spending a lot of time inside.  We are all going a little nuts!  Time for some kids crafts.  This link has a couple for different age groups.  Every one of those crafts were created by Merilee who is the lady behind MerMag blog.  One of my all time favorites!

I love Valentines Day!  All things Valentines Day!  Which is totally weird because I usually hate hearts.  But I want these sweet heart gloves!

Sweet heart bookmarks.  Perfect for someone who loves to read.  HA!  Pun totally intended.

Tulle skirts are so great!  I have always wanted one but wonder if I can really pull off a super puffy skirt.  No need to worry anymore!  Tulle skirt that is sleek.  Woot!

Ever wonder what the mystery flavor of Dum-Dums actually is?  You will never know for sure!  Which I basically love.

Best Pesto.  Need I say more?

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