Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I have to figure out better ways to "style" my pictures.  Or really style them at all for that matter.  HA!  Anywho... 

Any nerds out there?  Recognize that symbol?  It is the tri-force from Zelda.  Nick grew up playing it as a kid.  Old 8-bit Zelda.  Geek!  I love it!  I wanted to make him something for Christmas this year.  And he loves Zelda- hence the pillow.  I love the idea of having things things that we make with our own hands in our home.  I am getting super sentimental as the years go by.  The triforce is actually gold but I went with white and black since that will blend with any decor we choose in the future.  Plus it is everywhere right now.     

 I hand painted the symbol on.  I wanted to have a messy look so I pretty much just painted the lines on and filled them in.  It would be pretty easy to piece for anyone who quilts. 

I was going for a crazy stripe back but I am thinking it needs to be more crazy!  It looks a little bit like I just slapped it together.  I am telling you that it was actually intentional.

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