Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Weight Loss Week #11

So last week my goal was to lose 1.6 pounds making it an even 18 pounds lost.  Well I blew that goal right on out of the water!  I lost 3.2 pounds.  YAY!!  I am now up to 19.6 pounds lost.  I am so proud of myself.  Only .4 pounds left to hit the even 20.  Awesome!  So guess what my goal is this week?  Yeah .4 pounds.  Just kidding guys!  I want to lose 1.4 pounds.  

I am going to continue to count my calories this week.  I need help figuring out this whole water thing.  I got to get it my body but I am having a hard time with the desire.  Maybe I should just look at it like it is non-negotiable.  It might not be my favorite thing but it is absolutely necessary.  

On to my really revealing pictures!  I think I am going to be taking my pictures in stretchy pants from now on.  They leave nothing to the imagination!

I am pleased to say that my back rolls are shrinking!  That is the place I can see the weight loss the most.  

I like this list of 9 healthy snacks.  I am hoping it will help.  Snack time is my hardest time!

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