Thursday, October 11, 2012

Weight Loss week #10

I am two days late with this update but at least I am here right?!  So I gained .6 pounds.  I know I shouldn't be bummed out about that just over half pound but I am having a big time plateau over here.  Is it really a plateau when I am being a major slacker?  Probably not. :)  Lets raise a glass of metabolism boosting water to re-re-recommitting! 

I am using the Lose it! app again.  And so far this week I am doing great at not going over my calories. I am also still working on getting my water intake up.  But I hates it!  It makes me feel great to drink water but I am not a fan of the lack of taste.  Except the water Nick brings home from work.  I am telling you that UPS water is the best water.  I haven't been able to convince him to fill me up a gallon of it every night.  It might look a little tacky I guess.

To the stats- I am still down 16.4 pounds.  My goal is to be 18 pounds down by the end of this week.  I can manage 1.6 pounds right?!

I need to get out of the shade but it was bright!

Loverly side view

And from behind.  

I am feeling comfort food lately.  But that can be bad for the diet so I am going to try this lightened up meatloaf.

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