Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend Links

This week has been pretty sweet!  We went to our first SEP conference with Nicco's teacher.  It was great!  We have been worried that he was a bit too young to start this year.  He started out at the beginning of the year being behind the rest of his class.  But he is right up with them now and we couldn't be more proud of him!  He has worked so hard and it is paying off.  We got the kids new LEGO sets this week and they love them!  Lola picked a little girl beach set and she loves it!  I am so glad that there are finally LEGO sets that are geared towards girls.  I feel like I am a crazy mom with the LEGO's.  Those bad boys are expensive so every piece that gets lost makes me stress out.  I need to sit back and just enjoy.  They are playing nice with each other with them- I need to remind myself of that silver lining every time they misplace a piece.  Another bright spot is that Nick has officially been at UPS for a year.  Which means that his health insurance started.  WAHOO!!!!  The kids and I still have another six months to wait before we are on it but we are on the down hill slope!  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Check out this Frankenweenie cake!  AHHH!  It is green inside.  Do I need to say more?

This DIY bunting is super neat.  You could customize it any way!  I think I will be making one this month.  I needs it!

I am not positive but I am pretty sure that these gradient blocks will make your kid smarter.  

We have a running joke that my family are the black sheep of our extended family.  I think this print is necessary!  And it is true- we are actually the black sheep.  

So far I haven't had a single hater here because all 28 of you followers of this little blog are super kick butt!  But that is not to say I don't have haters in my real time life.  If you have had any haters in your life then This post is a must read! 

OH my gosh this chick!  She bikes a seven passenger bike.  Seven!!  She loads up her bike SUV with her kids and goes.  I can't even make it around the block carrying me alone 4 times without needing to stop.  Yeah I should exercise more.

I want an exact replica of a human skull in my home.  Not because it is Halloween time- I want it up year round.  Weird or rad?  Depending on how you answer that we could become fast friends forever! 

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