Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cranky Owls

I love owls- doesn't everyone lately?  I am getting over cutesy owl stuff though.  I want sinister and mischevious looking owls.  It seems like how they are in real life.  Like these:

Check out those eyes!  He is none too pleased.  I love this print on the dictionary page- um rad!

How about this guy?  This photo is awesome!

I love how he looks like a scraggly, cranky, wise, old man owl.   

Okay seriously?!  I saved him for last because well I am sure you can guess.  This photo is so beautiful and unique.  Love it!

You can buy any of these on Etsy- just  click the link under each picture.  I love Etsy!  Best part is that they are all under 30 dollars.  Inexpensive and amazeballs.  Win win!

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