Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thankful Thursday

That is Lola.  I am grateful for that little girl.  Lola kicks ass!  For real that girl is a firecracker.  She is stubborn and a little crazy.  And hilarious and tender hearted.  She has had to over-come some very difficult things in her short life.  Well really just one.  Lola was born without fingers or a full thumb on her left hand.  She does have little stubby fingers and most of her thumb luckily!  She has amniotic band syndrome.  Which essentially means that a piece of the amnion wrapped around her fingers and they just never developed in the womb.  It is also what causes cleft palates.  Unfortunately she has already had to deal with kids being mean.  She is three!  It breaks my heart.  Fortunately all that happened was some missing fingers.  Other people have not been so lucky.  

I think that is why she was blessed with a her crazy personality!  This experience has made her more compassionate and kind.  She accepts people with no question.  She doesn't take no for an answer!  Lola is completely fearless.  She is smart and can figure out a way to make things work.  She uses her left hand to her advantage as opposed to a disadvantage- which is what most people see it as.  I am so glad I get to call her daughter!    


  1. LOLA...YOU ROCK!!! She is such a beautiful little girl! She is so lucky to have and amazing mama like you and I am such you feel so blessed to have her as a sweet daughter!

  2. I love Lola SO much! She has the best hugs in the world that make me happy every.single.time! She is a lover and a fighter and doesn't let anything slow her down. She has adapted so well. She is amazing! I am a better person because Lola is a part of my life. I am one proud Antie!!