Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekends Links


It is UEA weekend this week!  It has been so great.  We have just been lounging around hanging out.  That is my favorite thing to do with my little family.  We were "spooked" this week.  That is when someone leaves a treat on your porch with a little poem.  Then you have to do the same for two more homes in your neighborhood.  We have been total slackers and haven't done it yet.  HA!  We will get on it this weekend (maybe the beginning of next week really).  Our spook friends left us a huge pumpkin!  It is the perfect addition to the porch.  I took the kids to see Brave at the dollar theater this week by myself.  It went extremely well.  I am shocked and very pleased.  I am one of those moms that has always been afraid to go anywhere alone with my kids.  I am a big baby but it is hard to do entertainment type stuff with the two of them!  They always want to go in opposite directions.  But I think we finally can venture out more just the three of us.  That is liberating!  Especially considering that Nicholas works nights.  Were you aware that everything happens at night?  Well it does.  Awesome.  Shall we link?

I need to figure out how to make this pattern for a reversible baby vest big enough for Nicco and Lola.  They would both like wicked cute in it!

I love Totoro!  So so much.

This fox print is pretty much amazing.  Really this whole Etsy shop is amazing!

I love this bloody drip nail tutorial!  Perfect for Halloween.  And it is simple enough that a nail polish novice like myself could probably actually do it.

This huge jenga is pretty amazeballs and I want to make one!

I need some black flats and I want these ones.  The price is a bit out of my range so I am going to be on the look out for something a little less expensive.  *sigh*

6 old-school habits to teach your kids.  I love this!

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