Monday, April 30, 2012

my hair-do

This weeks hair-do from blogger tutorials:

So I have already used this tutorial from C&C for a braid ponytail here.  But I also loved this braided "headband".  SO here you go! 

Don't you love when the sun blinds you and makes it almost impossible to open your eyes?  Yeah that is what is up with that top picture.  Hawt, right?!  I guess I should have just put my sunglasses on but I would die of embarrassment if you all saw my 5 dollar sunglasses that are all jacked up.  Like cracked lens, scratched up and the finish is peeling off- jacked up.  Yet I refuse to get new ones because the craptastic ones I have fit over my glasses.  Yeah I wear them over my regular glasses.  I am too cheap to spring for some prescription sunglasses.  I am a classy broad yo!  

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