Saturday, April 28, 2012

Link A Day

This has been a lovely week.  Mostly!  HAHA!  We got a lot of stuff done that needed to get done.  I love that.  It is great to mark things off your list.  I have been ignoring the blog and trying to enjoy the weather when it is nice.  The kids start getting cabin fever if they stay in the house for more than two minutes.  So lots of time spent outside.  And it was my mommas birthday!  Everyone from the family that was able to celebrate came out and we had a little party.  Fun times!  Any ways.... on to the links.

I love this article about what breast feeding advocates should stop saying.  Word!

This hand-painted mason jar lamp is gorgeous!  I want want want want it!

How about a little leather dyeing?  Yeah wicked!  It is beautiful.  

This PVC water sprinkler toy is rad.  The kids need one for sure.

How fantastic are these flower crowns?  Perfect for spring!  And spring family photos?!  Oh the possibilities!

HO my gosh I love Keiko Lynns makeup mondays.  I have had this smokey one bookmarked forevah!!  The girl has some crazy mad skillz.

I want to try this rice pudding recipe this weekend.  Kate's recipe is hand-written by her Grandmother.  I sound like a dork but that is so so sweet and precious!

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  1. Hand written recipes are totally the best kind!