Saturday, April 21, 2012

Link A Day

This week has been pretty good.  Not a single complaint here!  I love weeks like this.  Chill and fun!  The kids and I went to dinner last night- just the three of us since Nick was working.  I was worried about venturing to a restaurant sans the husband.  I am afraid of going places alone with my kids that don't involve carts that can restrain them.  So we went to Chick-fil-a.  Ritzy right?!  And you know what?  It turned out great.  The kids were little doll babies.  Fantastic mothering moment for me.  Next time might be a different story......  Links?

The weather today is fabulous!  A little on the warm side even.  Wouldn't these homemade drumsticks be perfect to cool off with?

Any crafters out there?  My loverly sister Emily started a super cool deal of the day site.  She doesn't just post/sell crafty things- she has sold nail wraps and hair barrettes and the like.  She has some cool stuff over there on 2dayzspecial.  Check it out!!  I just bought some chalkboard vinyl the other day.  Oh and some barrettes!  W00t!

I am working on a collage wall in my bedroom and I think I will be making a sign like this with our last name or a fun word.  Maybe the actual word fun.  Or rad.  Or totally tubular.  Hmmm... any other suggestions?

This is the first screen printing tutorial that makes sense to me!  And now nothing is safe.  I will be screen printing everything!

The first thing I am going to screen print?  T-shirt bags for the kids!

This post that Carly wrote on her blog All This Grace and Charm is wonderful!  It is something I needed to read this week.  Plus her blog is one to read.  It is great!

This pasta looks fresh and lovely.  Just what we need as the weather warms up!


  1. You are simply wonderful baby sister! Thanks for the link! love you to the moon and back!

    1. I linked it because it is a great website! I will continue buying from you and I want other people to see the awesomeness that is your website!