Monday, April 9, 2012

April Goals

SO I am a little late posting my April goals- many of which happen to be the March goals that I never did.  Lets not talk about it......  Okay lets!  I swear that as soon as I give myself a list and a due date I get bored and find a million other things I rather do.  I am a master procrastinator and ignorer.  I can ignore a to do list or a deadline like the best of them!  Blah.  I need to work on that.  And I am starting with this month!  On to my goals...

*start piecing our quilt

*make a pin-hole camera

*bake a pie from scratch

*bake a loaf of bread

*write/send 3 things snail mail

*get some stuff in the Etsy shop

*make 1 quilt for the road home

*gather items for the backyard teepee

*plan our garden- get beds ready to plant

I need to get on working this list like today.  No excuses!  Any suggestions on how to over come the procrastination bug?  They would be greatly appreciated! 


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