Saturday, April 14, 2012

Link A Day

I have nothing pithy and exciting to say.  It has been a tiring week!  So straight to the links shall we?

I love call me cupcake.  Her recipes are all in metric (?I am not totally positive if that is correct?)  so I would have to convert them but really I just want to look at her photos of food.  They are beautiful!

So beautiful that they have inspired me to work on mine.  This tutorial seems like an excellent place to start!

OH my heavens these softies from JaneFoster on Etsy are crazy cool!

Have you seen the 7 baby steps to get out of debt from Dave Ramsey?  We are going to work on them.  It makes me want to but his whole system.

This recipe for a slow cooker brownie is right up my alley!  Really who doesn't like the whole set it and forget it idea?

The blogosphere is rad and crazy sometimes.  I bookmarked this A frame tent from cakies a long time ago  and then I erased all my book marks (gasp!).  I couldn't remember for the life of me where I had seen it.  I was so so bummed!  Then suddenly/randomly/serendipitously Rachel from Smile and Wave linked to it the other day.  Awesome!

I am in the mood for spring!  I have been keeping my eye out for springy attire.  Like these sandals for example!   

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