Sunday, July 31, 2011

Easy Peasy Skirt

I wanted to share something I managed to make this last week in spite of all the craziness.  I made that skirt down below.  I love it!  It turned out a lot more full than I originally wanted it but I ended up adoring it!  It might add a little bulk to me but I don't even care.  I have worn it twice this week styled two different ways and I really liked both.  When I saw my mom today she told me I looked like I stepped out of The Grapes of Wrath.  I was thrilled.  Sweet lady!  Enjoy the fantastic pictures- HA!  Yeah and ignore the fact that with the flash of the camera my shirt went see through.  At least I hope it was just with the flash that it had been see through- knowing my luck, however, it was see through all day long!  Great for visits to the hospital!  Give the patients a thrill!  I need to invest in a full length mirror and then find a place to stick said mirror.  Maybe these types of debacles could be avoided in the future.  Oh jeez!   

Me getting sassy with my bad self! 

 I had to include a picture with the babies.  Nicco let me put his hair in a ponytail today.   Not only let me put it in one but asked for it!  I was so excited!  He wanted to look like his daddy.  Which also thrilled his proud dad.

 Back to the skirt.  About six months ago I was given a bunch of beautiful upholstery fabric.  Like a ton- so much so that I wouldn't have been able to use it all so I decided that it didn't have to necessarily be used for the house!  I began dreaming of the things I could make from my stash.  So I started with this skirt.  It was just two rectangles sewn together and then a casing for elastic to go through at the top.  I measured it out to be about 3 times my waist size (on accident!  I love happy accidents!).  Oh and I put in some hidden pockets!  I love a good pocket!  So easy and so awesome.

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  1. i love a skirt with pockets! and this one is beautiful. great job...i am so jealous of talented people!!! btw, your kids are adorable!

  2. I love your skirt too! Great pics too! You are SO hot....

  3. THank you tow birds!! I think the kids are awfully cute too! @2dayzspecial- thank you! That is nice to hear sometimes! Especially lately! HAHA!

  4. oh gosh- I meant two birds not tow birds! I am so sorry!

  5. Great skirt! Thanks so much for linking up to Polish The Stars!