Friday, July 8, 2011

banana boat......

I had to share this recipe really quick today.  This is banana boat.  I am not totally positive why it is called that but oh my gawsh it is wonderful!  My momma used to make this for us when we were kids.  It is a layered dessert of epic deliciousness!  I made it over the weekend and I might be making it again this weekend!  That is how much I love it.  Just so you know this is way better the first day.  It still tastes good the next day but the bananas start to brown and what not.  One last thing- this makes a big banana boat for my big family so depending on the appetite and size of your family or gathering you might want to half the recipe!  On to the recipe.  

Banana Boat
Vanilla pudding-
2 boxes prepared or one batch of the recipe that follows
1 box nilla wafer cookies
4-6 bananas- 
depends on size and how banana-ie you want it.
You will cut them up into "coins" as you layer
1 or 2 lb container cool whip- 
again that depends on how much cool whip you like

Now start a layerin it up!  I like to start with a layer of nilla wafers.  Then a layer of banana slices.  Then a layer of about two to three cups pudding.  Continue layering until you run out of pudding.  For the last layer spread your thawed cool whip over the top.  I like to let it sit in the fridge for a few minutes.  That way everything melds.  Wait for as long as you can.  Which for me is literally a few minutes.

For the vanilla pudding I doubled this recipe from Martha Stewart.  I did change it a little so this is my version of her wonderful pudding.  This is the doubled measurements.

1 1/3 c granulated sugar
1/2 cornstarch
1/2 tsp salt
5 cups 2% milk
8 large egg yolks
6 tbsp unsalted butter
2 tsp vanilla extract

Set a mesh sieve over a large bowl and set aside. In a large heavy skillet off of the heat whisk together sugar, cornstarch and salt.  Slowly pour in milk. Whisk until cornstarch is dissolved.  Add all eight egg yolks and whisk until completely combined.  Turn on heat to medium and whisk constantly until bubbles start to form and pop.  Reduce heat to low and constantly whisk for one minute.  Immediately pour through mesh sieve into your large bowl.  Stir in vanilla and softened butter.  Put saran wrap right onto surface of pudding and cool for about an hour in the fridge.

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