Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

We had a fun and super relaxed 4th!  Luckily Nick and I both had the day off. Which is crazy like whoa!  In the morning we went to our neighborhoods pancake breakfast and bike parade.  It is lead by a firetruck every year.  The kids love it!  We decorated up the kids wagon and pulled them along while they waved and yelled hi to people.  After that we went home and worked a little in the garden and the kids took naps.  Our sweet friends had us over for a barbecue and then it was down to the park for the big firework show.  It was so so great!  Nicco screamed the whole time and Lola sat saying Wow!  We headed back to our friends house and they put on an awesome firework display.  This year is the first year that aerials were legal in Utah!  That is a huge huge deal!  There were aerials everywhere.  It was way fun.  PLus it was Lola and Nicco's first time doing sparklers.  They loved it!  It was great!

Our patriotic wagon

 Nicco and his bestest friend Aiden.

Lola and her sparkler 

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  1. It's great to see family enjoying themselves on this patriotic holiday!!! Enjoy the rest of the week,,, hoping it's sunny where you are!!