Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June's Instants

Last year for my birthday Nick bought me a Polaroid 300 instant camera.  It has been so fun using it!  But the film is a little expensive and there is a bit of a learning curve.  I am not a photographer by nature so it has been a little extra hard for me.  HA!  I do love the raw quality you get with it.  I also love having a picture in my hand to look at right then.  I am all about instant gratification!  I want to get to know it better and learn the technique of getting rad pictures with it.  So my goal this year is to take a packs worth of pictures every month.  

Here are June's favorites:  

We took these on a recent hike to Ensign Peak.

Nicco took this one of Nick and me.  I love it so much!  He has been begging to use the Polaroid and by the looks of it I should have let him try earlier.

This is my blown out one of Nick and the kids.  I didn't change the setting (oops!) and it is a little too saturated.

I love having pictures of me and the kids.  I don't often get in pictures so the occasional one with them is great!

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