Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekend Links

This last week has been a pretty great one!  No complaints from me.  Except Lola throwing rocks at someones car.  That mostly blows because we are still out of a job and now have car repair bills to pay. BOO!  Lola was punished and then continued punishing herself about it.  Poor girl learned from her mistake big time.  All we did was tell her we were disappointed in her and that what she did was wrong.  No raised voices even!  I remember as a kid that the worse punishments I had was when my parents would sit me down and talk to me like an adult.  All I could think was that I would rather have the yelling and screaming.  Don't tell me you are disappointed in me!  Beat me soundly and put me in my room but please don't TALK to me!!  Haha!  It seemed to work really well with Lola.  Maybe time out is a thing of our past?  Yeah I doubt it but maybe we are moving in a great and mature direction.  We took the kids to Wheeler Farm this week.  It was fun to take them around and see the animals.  Nicco told us everything he has learned from being up on our family sheep ranch.  He has learned way more than I realized!  He loved the bunnies the most.  Lola loved the chickens.  The kids also got to go to a pool party.  That could be a post in itself.  The drama, the near deaths!  OH man but they had fun.

On to the links!  

This is a perfect birthday card for a little one! Actually I would love to get it myself.

I love when doilies are used in an unusual way. Like in this hanging lamp! It is grandma chic, no?

The dolls made by the Etsy shop Warm Sugar are so delightful. Lola may need one for Christmas. Yes I said Christmas. It is less than 6 months away peeps.

This piece of art is so so lovely.  It looks unexpected and the texture kills me. I am going to own one of these. Now to save my pennies.

My Lola would rock this dress up one side and down the other!

3 easy nail polish tutorials. When I say easy I mean that I could most likely do these. So that is crazy easy.

The temperature here has been a little too warm for my liking the last few weeks.  So I am choosing to daydream about these glowing snow flanked igloos.

This dress is so fraking cute.  Check out how Mandy styled it.  Love it!

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