Monday, July 15, 2013

Movie Project: Scalloped Shorts

I love quick projects!  I bookmarked this DIY scalloped short tutorial from Mandi at Making Nice In The Midwest like 3 years ago.  I love it now just as much as then.  It is great.  And fast! However,  I unfortunately never wear shorts.  But with our recent unemployment I had to get creative with the kids summer clothes.  So armed with the tutorial and a pair of jeans to make into jorts I made Lola a pair of scalloped shorts.  

I fray-checked the bejeezus out of them!  Even with that they frayed quite a bit in the wash.  The look isn't bad so I just trim off the long pieces and let it be.

I used a gatorade cap for the scallop and it ended up being the perfect size.

Here's a little closer look.  I love that they are a pair of casual cut offs that are spiced up.  I have ended up liking them so much that I may have to make a pair for me!

Movie/show:  A billion episodes of The Aqua Bats Super Show
Time Spent: Like an hour and a half- the fray check took forever!

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