Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekend Links

This week has been hot.  Like over 100 degrees hot.  I wilt in the heat.  So we have been hanging out inside a lot.  We still managed to head to the park a couple days this week and of course we hit up the library.  But other than that nada!  I have some fun things we did to post about the next few weeks and hopefully I can get my toush in gear and get it done!  We are still on the job hunt.  Which is a frustrating process at times but I am staying positive!  It has only been 2 and a half weeks so I am not too worried.  Not too mention that it has been great to have Nick home again this week.  The kids are loving it and so am I!  Little blessings.   

It is 102 degrees today!  Frick it is hot.  But I still love this unicorn sweatshirt.

Check out this photo shoot!  The colors and drama kill me.

 I am in love with these shoes!  Seychelles shoes are so lovely.

This chair should be mine.  For reals.

Got bloggers block?  Then read this!  I don't think I have bloggers block so much as I have a computer block.  If the computer is off I have no desire to turn it on.  HA!

I am thinking the coca-cola pulled pork from this 4th of July recipe round up look ridonk!  I love a good pulled pork.

I am thinking this recipe for dinner tonight!  Easy and it looks delicious.  Plus who doesn't love marinara and ricotta?

With the heat outside we are needing activities to do inside.  I love this Monogram art to do with the kids.

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