Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekend Links

It has been a week.  Ha!  That is a weird thing to say and that is all I have to say.  On to the links!

Totally awesome Halloween DIY.  Masked portraits!

A baked ham and green bean bake sounds right up our alley. 

A rad video showing 29 ways to stay creative.  Everyone could benefit from watching this!  Plus it is less than two minutes.  Inspiration in a tiny dose!

This print would be a modern fun piece of art for a nursery.

I am excited for clementine oranges to be back in season!  It is still a little early for them but once they are around I am going to make some candles out of them.  

For those of us still trying to hang on to summer: lemonade inspiration!

This book may find its way into Nicco's stocking this year.  Boy loves to draw.  (Yes I know that I literally just gave a link about summer and then went straight to Christmas.  IT is coming faster than we know peeps!  I like to be prepared!)

Cute dainty DIY seed bead bracelets

This Meal Planning Awareness pledge is awesome!  The whole idea is to get 10k people to pledge to make 4 meals from home in September.  It means more time spent as a family, less waste, money savings and healthier meal options.  I pledged.  Will you?

I have to toss this Fall roundup from A Beautiful Mess into the mix.  Cause I love them and their ideas!

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