Thursday, September 12, 2013

Things I Love

I am real need of a new blanket.  The one I am using is falling apart.  It is not pretty but it is perfect!  Perfect coverage, perfect warmth.  If it weren't falling apart it would be the stuff that dreams are made of.   But I think I could replace it happily with one of these bad boys!  Some of the blankets in this round up aren't right for my bed but I couldn't help but include them.  I love blankets in any shape or form.  Plus all of these are from Etsy.  Support handmade!  

and then I died!

this is a baby quilt but oh it is beautiful!

This quilt would be perfect for a little girls room!

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  1. Great selections. I especially love that fourth one down. I've been really wanting to upgrade our thrifted, way overused and somewhat small for our bed comforter. So I'm working on my first quilt and a few of these make for some great inspiration. Thanks for sharing!