Monday, September 2, 2013

1st Grade!

This boy started 1st grade two weeks ago.  I was like what?   I have a freaking 1st grader?!  I know how cliche it is to say but my oh my how the time does fly.  He had a rough first day.  Poor kid fell at lunch and pretty much cried the rest of the time he was at school.  It was less about the hurt and more about being overwhelmed I think.  He has been a champ the rest of the time.  Well it has gotten better each day at least.  HA!  He is getting so big.  It makes me want to cry and shout for joy at the same time.  I have such conflicting feelings about him growing up.  Mostly I am happy though!  It has been a privilege to be his mother and to watch him grow.    

Lola has been doing a lot better having him gone all day long than I thought she would.  We haven't had any issues except that she thinks it should be a party all day everyday.  She wants to rock and roll all night and party everyday!  I want to rock and roll some nights and part of every day.

On a side note- Help a girl out with ideas for lunches to send with the boy!  What do you send?  Do your kids eat their lunch?  Because mine sure doesn't.  


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